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imma helping musicians to get whitelisted by GD mods to use their songs in GD :3 But first, read this: https://danrealplay.newgrounds.com/news/post/1144777
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Shoutout to musicians which GD players would enjoy! #2

Posted by DanRealPlay - June 19th, 2021

It's been like a 6 months since my last post where i gave a shoutout to musicians which GD players would enjoy.

So here is a episode 2!

Also don't forget to check the episode 1 :)

Shoutout to those musicians that i invited:

@amidst, who collabed with Xomu and released on The Arcadium

Main shoutout goes to DESKPOP gang, who produces digital fusion music:

@DESKPOP, the label itself

And the musicians from the label: @HeyJellyBear @ThatAndyGuy @ShayMo73 @AntonCorazza @RoBKTA @Mariode @kimotimo @tvroom @serlofmusic @Drainpuppet @Pitfall

Also shoutout to those musicians who are still unnoticed by others:

@godswarrior711 a.k.a. God's Warrior, whose music got promoted by DSG like 20 times

@onumi, Dark Dubstep producer who collabed with MUST DIE! on one of his song from the album released on Never Say Die

@doctorlobster, who uploaded all his releases on NG, featuring music from Subsidia and Cyclops Recordings

@infektdubstep from Disciple and Disciple Round Table

@diontimmer. Yeah, the legend itself. [Not whitelisted] [There's no any songs from him yet]

@zatan a.k.a. Nanoo from Odio Records, Most Addictive, Reinelex Music & Stratos Union

@MYRID, who released on Odio Records [Not whitelisted] [GD API is off]

@3xBlastMx, a good mate of Vault Kid

@alaskabelle, who released on HyperPop and a mate of Skybreak

@kittitoyea, who collabed with Paper Skies for Rushdown release

@therealsub001, who have a few Rushdown releases

@Ximm, a musician with a huge potential to become a melodic riddim composer and who also released on Rushdown

@Tomhson, whose music style is literally a mashup of Xtrullor from 2016-2017 and modus <3

@thornesounds, who released on Exobolt and won the last Ellis' contest

@MaxRena, a good mate of @SayMaxWell and @Miatriss

@Nemesix2, an old acc of modus [Not whitelisted] [GD API is off]

@Dimatis, a melodic dubstep producer

@Peyruis, a famous producer of not copyrighted music

@theRUD, who had a NG account before, but was forced to delete it and make a new one cause of impossibility to change the nickname, he also have a NCS release

@inktome, who collabed with Convexity on one of his songs from EP that got released on Rushdown

@AustonMusic, a Future Bass producer who have a potential to release on Exobolt

@NovaOfficial, an old acc of SPACEJUMP

@voia, who released on Ninety9Lives and GameChops

@DeBisco, a mate of R O C K Y, who have music featured in some rhythm and other music games

@11acornlane, Electro Swing band

@Piracle, who have a release on The Arcadium

@Reversedmusic, who got a honorable mention on the results of Sharks' contest

@Aabiasaw, the musician who have a potential to appear on Exobolt and who collabed with two previous musicians

@RawinMusic, a GD creator who just started to create music

@somanylynx, a good music creator with huge potenital

@tinywaves, label for unnoticed musicians

@ALL41Records, another label for unnoticed musicians

@xoedoxo, an owner of the label above

@Fumijena, who had a potential to move on by the same way as RUD

@Vexilion, found him in recent Audio Portal submissions

@soffizlly, a potential dubstep artist

@Duzzledmusic, @CloudNinja and @officialSARE, the furry themed music producers

and @Optikmusic

And shoutout to the musicians from MLP fan base (some of them might have no songs on the acc):

@Filacki, my Russian mate, who is a fan of MLP, but not creating pony music

@HydraH, a pony music artist, who released on Cider Party and Ponies at Dawn

And also to @CRUVOD @FritzyBeat @StrachAttack @Lorris-Music @VoltexPixel @7thSTIVE @OdysseyEurobeat @Radiarc @ShobieShy @Mantlegen @Eniix (and his new acc @EniixMusic) @Wolfg4ng @FrancisVace @Foozogz @StealingShad3z @ManeInGreen @khaliber @silver-the-wolf a.k.a. Sliva Hound @BroniKoni @SeriousDamir @Nyancat380 @GrazySmash

- Danil Cupcha.


Comments (17)

Tysm for putting me on this, means the world! :)

Thanks so much for the feature! I'm not exactly sure how to be whitelisted for Geometry Dash but I'd love to contribute in any way I can :)

You are whitelisted, before i even found you.

Awww C:

lmao SARE and CloudNinja aren't Furries, but thanks for the Shout out!

@DanRealPlay Oh wow, I had no idea :O Is there a way to find out if any users have created custom levels for my songs on here?

You cannot find it here, but you can do it in GD. Just go to "Search", put any of your song IDs in special song filter and click "Search".

The additional info for 7-digit IDs: you are able to write them in that filter without any issues only on PC and iOS.

I appreciate it, thank you so much!

hahahahaa i am slow, I've been scrolling up and down the page for 5 min wondering where the 'Episode' is.

@debisco @DanRealPlay Got it! I'm still new to all of this so I appreciate your help~

thank you i appreciate the mention a lot!

thanks for the shout big bro

thank you!

Um can i be whitelisted, I see so many people whitelisted and scouted, so please?

Can i PLEASE be whitelisted, I want to make levels with my music

No, your tracks doesn't fit for GD.

well, um, I seem to be whitelisted now... thanks so much!!

I did not take any part in this.

This is actually a really nice list! I actually had a user make a GD level of one of my tracks this week and found out I had been automatically whitelisted as one of the users grandfathered in when Geometry Dash first implemented a white list. For anyone interested, please feel free to use my music. I've been going into videogame and synthwave/industrial stuff lately :)

Cool, but i have a question, so is whitelisting people mean there songs are in GD? Cause I’ve seen my friends songs on GD and used some of it

I'm not a furry though